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My new book, Helen's Daughter, tells the story of Hermione, daughter of the notorious Helen of Troy. It's the first in a trilogy, The Girls of Troy. The second volume, The Burning Towers, will be about the siege of Troy itself, the third, The Scattering, about Electra, daughter of Agamemnon.'

It's published by Silver Wood Books of Bristol and available on Amazon .

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3 Dec 2014

The real Troy

  Heinrich Schliemann, genius and charlatan, liked to tell the story of how he’d been inspired by a picture seen at the age of eight, of the burning of Troy, which had made him vow that one day he’d discover its ruins. In fact, his interest doesn’t seem to have been alerted until,  a middle […]

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20 Nov 2014

Imagining Troy

A war that may never have happened, in a city that may never have existed, fought by heroes and villains who have left no record in contemporary archaeology or inscriptions- the Trojan War is almost a ghost account, trails of words left hundreds of years after the event,the story of a war in which there […]

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16 Oct 2014

Books that change over time…

Of course, it’s the reader that changes, not the book. But it’s strange how books can have an on-going existence in the reader’s mind that the writer can never have intended. For example, I love some of the early chapters of Villette because they convey to me like nothing else the excitement and the romance […]

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