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My new book, Helen's Daughter, tells the story of Hermione, daughter of the notorious Helen of Troy. It's the first in a trilogy, The Girls of Troy. The second volume, The Burning Towers, will be about the siege of Troy itself, the third, The Scattering, about Electra, daughter of Agamemnon.'

It's published by Silver Wood Books of Bristol and available on Amazon .

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26 Jul 2014

The Legacy of Fatephur Sikhri

I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks, partly because world news has been so horrific that it didn’t seem right just to burble away over trivia. But a letter from a young friend of ours travelling in Northern India reminded me of our first journey to India. Our visit then took us to Rajastan, […]

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10 Jul 2014

Not a proper blog…

Well, it’s been a funny old week – spent mostly on very long journeys for very short hospital visits. Ten hours driving in three days – exhausting for my poor husband. Also we remembered – we’re not very good at remembering it – that yesterday was our wedding anniversary – the 49th, actually. But by […]

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3 Jul 2014

Ideas – so where do they come from?

I suppose everyone confronts professionals with the same questions over and over- actors must be tired of being asked whether they ever forget their lines, surgeons if they are afraid of blood, tight-rope walkers what happens if they lose their balance. The answer comes with a polite smile and a sense of gritted teeth. The […]

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